Friday Nov 17
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There are 3 types of beaches in Igalo: pebbles, sand and concrete.

In front of us there is a pebble beach, with the pretty shallow water for some 50 m away. The more you go to the right (up to the end of Igalo), the sea gets shallower. 200 m from us, there is a sandy beach, so called Stara banja, with the very shallow water for some 200 m away from the coast. This is very convenient for small children who enjoy playing there.

Going to the left (in the direction of Herceg Novi), pebble and concrete beaches are replacing each other, and the sea gets deeper. There are many nicely arranged beaches: Nautilus(400m), Rafaelo (1000m), People’s(1200m), Yachting club (2000m away from us)…

Sea bottom is mainly sandy, though on some parts you may even step on the medical mud which is being spread around (it is used in the Igalo Institute for medical procedures). Due to its shallowness, the sea temperature in Igalo is the highest on the Montenegrin coast. Swimming season lasts from May to September, even October.

Within 1 hour tourist taxi-boat ride, or 15 minutes taxi-speed boat ride, you may enjoy crystal clear water on the other side of the Bay entrance. There are beaches like Dobrec, Zanjic and Miriste.

On every beach you may find sun beds and sun umbrellas (not for free), but there is also a space for guests who don’t want to use those accessories.

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